Landlord Gas Safety Certificates

What is a landlord gas safety certificate?

There are many names people use when referring to landlord gas safety certificates. Whether it be a customer, an engineer or an industry body, they will all refer to landlord gas safety certificates in different ways.  However the important thing to know is that they all mean the same service.
Some of these names are gas safety certificate, landlord certificate, CP12 or LGSR.
All of these are referring to the same thing. Essentially it is a check for gas safety across any gas appliances within a premises that is owned by the landlord.

Why do you need a landlord gas safety certificate?

Any appliances owned by the tenant are not the landlord’s responsibility. Unless of course they are sharing a connected flue.
It is not a legal requirement for you to have a gas safety check and certificate in your own residential property. However, it is a legal requirement for landlords to obtain one of these certificates from a gas safe registered engineer. The gas safety certificate arranged by the landlord must be done so on a yearly basis.

The landlord gas safety certificate: who receives a copy?

When a gas Safe engineer completes a certificate he or she normally has  three copies. One copy is for the tenant, the second copy is for the landlord and the third is for the gas engineer’s own records. These can be produced via paper-base or digitally emailed. 
Gas safety certificate

What appliances need testing?

Most people in the UK would at least have a boiler, however other common gas appliances are cookers and gas fires.
gas cooker
gas fire

Choosing a Gas Safety Registered Engineer

When choosing an engineer to carry out work on any property, you need to know you are in good hands. At Super Trade Services, we recommend you check any credentials on the Gas Safe website. A reputable gas engineer will be more than happy to provide you with their gas safe number. 

What will the gas engineer do during the test?


When Super Trade Services perform a landlords gas safety record we would:

Inspect all flues visually

We would be looking for signs of distress, corrosion or spillage of products of combustion. This would be followed by a thorough inspection to make sure the flue is secured and correctly installed and terminated.

Perform a flue gas analysis

Using one of our digital machines on each appliance, we would reference the readings against the manufacturer’s instructions.

Check ventilation

Our engineers would check the correct ventilation requirements of any appliance. 

Perform a gas rate on any appliance

This is to see how much gas the product is using at full capacity per hour. Referencing against the manufacturer’s instructions, we would then check that the burner is burning the correct amount of gas.

Check the operating pressure at the metre and at the appliance

This is to make sure everything is correct and the pipework is of a sufficient size. This is in order to supply the required gas.

Safety device checking

On all gas appliances we would check any safety devices to make sure all is working and is safe.


Engineers would perform a visual check of pipework which would be followed by a tightness test. The tightness test allows us to check all gas pipes and connected appliances. This will determine if there are any gas leaks.

CO and carbon monoxide

We would check for correct CO monitor or carbon monoxide reader.

Tenant appliances 

Any appliances owned by the tenant, we would perform a basic safety check on.

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